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Why I Can't Design a Logo for $100 in 24 Hours

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

All about logos! If you see a designer boasting how fast they can design your logo and how affordable it will be - please reconsider using this designer. You can't have fast, cheap and good. You can have....

Cheap + Fast = Lower quality work

Fast + Good = Expensive

Good + Cheap = Not happening soon

When I see designers advertise that they can have your logo designed in a day (one day!), it makes me wonder. Do they do any industry research? Do they learn about the company or brand? Do they offer more than one option? And what exactly is the end product... a single jpg file?

When I'm up against designers who are offering these quick turn around times for low prices, my job is to explain why my process usually takes around 3 weeks and why I can't match or beat someones $100 fee.

There is so much thought, time and also file preparation involved from start to finish. It's a collaboration and I'm often there to guide your visions into reality. I will only ever work on one logo at a time and at the bare minimum, will devote 6 design hours to getting it done.

Your logo is often your first impression and it's so important to do it right the first time. At the end of the project, you are left with a logo guide and every file type, colour profile and separate component you could possibly need.

Check out my logo process below:

STEP 1: LOGO DISCOVERY FORM This form kicks off the logo design process. The "Logo Discovery" form is a series of questions and prompts that I have compiled through my years of experience. It covers everything from your target market to favourite colours. I ask for examples of what you like and (almost more importantly) what you don't like. This is the time we'll often discuss timeline if you do have a deadline to meet. I'll generally stick within the parameters of your answers for 4/5 of the first draft logos and then throw in a wild card. This step is most often done over email but if time allows, a 30 minute meeting can also get the job done.


More often than not I'll have a pretty clear idea of what I'm going to do in my head after reading the logo discovery form or chatting with a client. My sketches are never pretty but they're necessary in getting the general ideas out of my head and onto paper. These sketches always exist but are rarely shared with the client.


The first draft you get from me will consist of 5 unique designs based on the specifications you've provided. Take your time with this draft! The feedback you provide following this first draft will be things like.... "I like option A with the colours from option C" or "Can you put the graphic from E into a circle like option D?". I let you lead the way but will offer suggestions if I notice any trouble spots (ie. thin lines, spacing, alignment).


3-4 logos will be presented based on the feedback from the first draft. In the example I've provided, we picked three styles and three colour schemes to see in this draft. At this stage, we should be getting close to the finished product. Generally, we're able to focus in one design and apply some minor tweaks to take us to the next step.


1-2 logos, similar in design but with slight modifications are presented. Any last tweaks before the final logo are discussed at this stage.


Voila! Your final logo is presented. Feedback, discussion and revisions have resulted in a finished product we can both be proud of.


Once your logo is finalized, you will receive a whole whack of files from me. I also include an information sheet on the different types of files and how they can be utilized. You may not be able to open all the file types on your computer at home but any print shop will know what to do with them. I include different orientations of the logo if necessary, black and white versions and any fonts/colours used. Realistically speaking, you will probably only use 2-3 of these logos on a day to day basis but I want to arm you with everything you may need in the future. This is why the logo package you receive from me is huge! It's complete and detailed.

I hope this sheds some light on why logos shouldn't be done overnight. Make sure you do your research in picking the right designer for the job. Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

- Laurel


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