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Working as creative professional in the field of Graphic Design, I meet so many people who tell me they’re just not creative. They wish they were but it’s just not something they posses. I don't believe this! It’s my belief that we’re all born with creativity inside us. If it’s not nurtured and explored, it’s going to feel difficult and uncomfortable to try and use it. 


In this eBook, I explore some new ways to think of creativity along with things we can all work on to increase our level of comfort with the idea. These are not scientifically proven methods but they are things that have helped me. This eBook can be used to add energy to an already creative mind or pull some creativity out from behind a road block. 


This book is not just designed for creative professionals. This book is for anyone looking to increase their creative powers and find inspiration in the world around them. 


In this 12 page eBook, you'll find:


  • Introduction to my creative journey
  • Personal stories from my experience with creativity
  • Challenges to spark creativity
  • Photos from my creative practive
  • Creative book suggestions and reviews
  • Inspirational quotes



Your Guide to Creativity

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    Reproduction of this eBook for anything beyond personal use is prohibited. 

    This eBook was created by Redfern Creative. All images in this eBook are owned by @redferncreative. 

    Contact with any questions or comments. (Version 1.0)


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