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2019 Predictions: Top Graphic Design Trends

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Staying on top of new ideas, methods and techniques is so important to me. The internet is an amazing resource full of articles, opinions and galleries and I'm constantly browsing. Recently, Merehead came out with a really great article: "Top Graphic Design Trends Predictions 2019". This is a really interesting read and while I love some of these techniques, there are a few I just can't get behind. There is a time and place for these techniques and all need to be executed with attention to detail.

As with any industry, always be cautious when it comes to trends! There is such a fine line between subtle and overdone.

Here's a quick summary with my thoughts on a few of these trends:

LOVE: Space in the negative

Yes, yes, yes! This technique adds a whole other layer of interest.

LOVE: Digitization of handwork

Of course I'm a big fan of this one. I've had the opportunity to use some of my calligraphy in designs this year. I start with paper, pen and ink. Once the design dries, it has to be scanned and digitized. This process is pretty lengthy but the result is something that just can't be achieved by a stock font.

LOVE: Wave effect

This one surprised me. It's not something I've personally done but the explanation and example piqued my interest. The idea of using a "damaged" image to garner attention in design world is kind of a unique take.

DO NOT LOVE: Gradients

You will rarely find a gradient in my designs. It's something I can't quite put my finger on but I find gradients to look a little messy. I will use extremely subtle colour transitions in backgrounds but can't think of a time I boldly went from one colour to another.

DO NOT LOVE: Three-dimensionality

& bright colours

While there's a time and place for bright colours, I never seem to be working in that time or place! My clients and personal style lean towards the muted tones and classic, calm colour schemes. I've never been drawn to bright colours the way I'm supposed to be but clean lines, tone on tone and neutrals always catch my eye.


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