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Inaugural Blog Post

Updated: Feb 18, 2021


Creativity, Business & Design

More often than not, I use my social media platform to share my thoughts on design, musings on business ownership and the elusive creature that is creativity. The engagement I get from these posts has proven to be so valuable and also of great interest to me. With that in mind,  I decided to expand upon the posts in the format of a blog. Weekly posts will delve deeper into these subjects of interest and will also allow me to share projects I'm working on, industry trends and anything else of interest related to design. 

With that, I will offer up a quick introduction for those who don't know me. I've been a designer for the past 15 years. Two long term, in-house positions left me with the confidence to break out on my own in January 2018. I now work locally with a variety of medium to large businesses, helping out with whatever design needs they may have. My absolute bread and butter is typesetting and there's nothing I love more than designing a good brochure or booklet.

My niche market is home builders as I now have 7 years of experience in this specific industry (more on that later) but welcome clients from all sectors. 

I welcome comments below with questions about me or suggestions for future topics. Check back weekly for new content and follow me on Instagram for updates.


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