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Attn: Home Builders!

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

My Niche Market & What I do for them

Although it was never my intention, the majority of my clients are home builders and I'm not mad about it!

When I started my own business, I had 6 years of experience in the home building industry in both marketing and design roles. That experience has proven to be more valuable than I initially thought. Home builders have their own lingo when it comes to floorplans and I could write a book on the different styles of signs utilized by builders to get potential clients to their homes (soldier signs, driveway barricades, scrim cloth etc.).  To be able to speak this language confidently with my clients has put me above the rest in this niche market and the learning curve is lessened. 

That being said, every builder has a different platform. Some promote green materials while some tout the benefits of skinny homes. There is infill versus spec homes and custom builders of course. There are all these aspects that make a builder unique and each requires a different approach to design and advertising. Working for home builders is never boring! 

Typically, when I tell someone I'm a designer and I work for home builders, they immediately assume Interior Designer! What exactly is it that I do? To highlight the variety of graphic design components a builder could need, I put together this list of all the things I've designed for home builders to date:

• Booklets

• Brochures

• Wall Signs (Vinyl & Plexi)

• Billboards

• Bus Wraps

• Storefront Design

• Lot Signs

• 4x8' Directional Signs

• Driveway Barricades

• Direct Mail

• Digital Ads (Animated)

• Sales Sheets

• Model Sheets

• Print Advertising

• Social Media Posts

• Fence Banners

• Garage Decals

• Sales Center Decals

• Sandwich Boards

• Vinyl Wall Wraps

• Folders

• Business Cards

If you're interested in seeing some examples of these things, check out my portfolio. I'm always up for meeting new builders and designing custom, effective pieces to draw traffic, build brand awareness and most importantly - sell homes!

- Laurel


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