Owner & Graphic Artist


My professional experience spans 16 years as a Graphic Artist but my desire to create and explore the creative process has been a lifelong journey.


I have a strong background in visual arts, formal education in digital and interactive media design and extensive knowledge in typography and lettering. Brochure/catalogue design, branding pieces and logo design are a few of the things I have specialized in over the years.

In my experience, there is a need for commercial design that not only looks sophisticated but also communicates an unwavering message. Design can never trump functionality and vice versa. This balance is what I can offer you as a designer - whether it be in a logo, brochure or digital asset. 

Fostering long term relationships with local companies is of great interest to me but I also reserve time for individual projects . If you've got an idea, please reach out - I'd love to help make your vision a reality. 

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